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This wine does not originate from a painting or from an emotion linked to a work of art, but on the contrary, it comes from the artistic interpretation of a feeling.
It is a particular emotion experienced by the oenologist in solitude – a moment of vocation and intuition, the search for a connection between nature’s offerings, cold analytical data, sensory analyses and interpretations of every kind.  An inspiration materialises and becomes something to be enjoyed by many.  The satisfaction is great, but a brand new wine is naked, without a label to distinguish it, without a name.  At this fascinating moment, the oenologist feels himself the father of that wine.

The oenologist has commissioned a label that represents it whilst giving it shape and therefore plasma, thus creating a new wine
Just like when the artist signs his or her own work, the oenologist leaves his mark on his own work which is repeated in everything he does even if different.  The wine, like with the work of an artist, maintains its original and integral inspiration. The taster is free to interpret it without filters. It is an authentic wine, extreme, without appellation - an imaginative combination which is expressed via the senses and similar to the pleasure of observing a work of art.

The artist interprets this feeling as a blood tie between the oenologist and his wine.  The bottle that will contain it has no name.  There is only a blank space like a canvas before inspiration fills it.  Every bottle is different – a unique piecebecause every individual experience is unique for every wine created.  A few shades, purplish marks which trace the signs of fingerprints and splashes that originate from an intense and silent work.  Two seals of red wax-lacquer on the neck of the bottle seal its contents and guarantee the manual work carried out on each individual bottle.

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