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Loriano di Sabatino is a freelance wine expert who has worked for almost thirty years in wine production, as a consultant to a variety of wineries.  During this time, he has cultivated his passion, creating many new wines.  He has had the pleasure of teaching wine tasting and organising national competitions for wine experts.
His profession has grown together with the wines he has produced.  He often works with small family-run wineries where the challenges require great commitment.

The wines express a creative phase, a moment of vocation and intuition.  Contemporary art is linked to wine and not merely by chance - the bond is strong. The wines maintain their original and integral inspiration, as in the works of an artist.  PLASMA means creating, giving shape to a product.
The teamwork and commitment have been aimed at obtaining wines in harmony with the palate and their origins.  PLASMA would like to transmit the essence of wine and the pleasure of tasting.
Today PLASMA, apart from being completely involved in the production cycle of both grapes and wines, it links the factors acquired from a variety of terroir to the work of those who have dedicated their existence to it.
A wine is the product of the oenologist’s imagination.  Starting with an idea, the selection of vineyard, research, tests, constitute a painstaking work right up to the moment of the grape harvest.  Then, the quality obtained must be scrupulously evaluated in the cellar.  Timely analytical data, tastings, research, estimates and at times having to discard the choices made, are all part of the job.
Finally, with time and perseverance,  the result sought is obtained.  A wine is born, naked, with neither name nor image.  It has no notable symbolic attributes.  A pure wine inspires emotions which the oenologist experiences at first hand.
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