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tuffo /dive
Tuffo portrays the emotions linked to change - the step that drives us in new directions - that adrenalin rush which takes us towards the unknown.  It is a brave step that makes us decide to launch ourselves into a new adventure.  It is the ambition and desire of youngsters who feel ready to face life.
This rosé wine is a young wine like the people who prefer it.  An easy wine to get to know.  Its colour and flavour are captivating.  It is obtained from white wine vinification of black grapes - a technique which renders it a soave.  The aromatic linearity is linked to the aroma of red fruits and its fresh flavour recalls a well-bodied white wine.  Tasting a rosé is a little like diving into a fresh sensory experience – a dive into taste with smooth contours.
In the painting, the significant element is the woman’s wide open arms.
Her head, similar to that of a doll, is turned upwards and even those who observe, do so from above.
The openness of her arms is like the openness of the mind:  a real demonstration of consent towards others without prejudice.  It is the transparency of gestures, the ability to be oneself without compromises.
Around this scene there is a sky in motion, fleeting full of stars.
Art can be a special opening which goes beyond compromises.
Black grape
Rosé colour
White wine vinification
Hints of red fruits
Oil on canvas
dimensions. 80x100 cm
Name: Tuffo
Year 2011

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