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bacio /kiss
BACIO portrays the emotions linked to love.  The representation is explicit, overwhelming.  As the lips touch, two elements become one.  There is a sensation of union – a strong bond.  There is a feeling of reciprocal generosity. It can also be the last moment of certainty before leaving.  In any event, it is a special gesture that nature  encourages us to make and that makes that moment unrepeatable and unique, like a work of art.

The concept of generosity and completeness in a wine are the traits that represent total sensory harmony – the possibility of finding multiple sensations of all of its components in equal measure in a glass.  The deep and purplish colour is a prelude to perceiving a potent fruity and floral aroma.  The persistent taste has body and velvety tannins.  The Montepulciano grape has always been known for its generosity of colour, warmth and extract. The technique of delestage, with air during fermentation ennobles the wine in every aspect.
BACIO is the confirmation of a feeling.  It has a real, tangible flavour to be experienced.  All the sensations are alive and felt in the fullness of the moment.  Green predominates and does so because it is the decisive chemical compromise between yellow and blue.  The second figure at the back amalgamates with the dark background, but reappears in the strong handshake in the foreground.  The  setting is romantic with an imaginary moon and entwined legs.  A big hand caresses the face.
Montepulciano grape
Intense red colour
Delestage technique used
Fruity and floral hints
Oil on canvas
dimensions. 45x60 cm
Name: Bacio
Year 2012
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